I travelled to Uganda for a second time, having being commissioned by CRED Foundation to create promotional material for their trips. I spent two weeks filming and photographing. 


When I returned home I immediately wanted to tell the stories gained from people I had met and photographed. I had to consider how my creations would be perceived. Did the fact that I’m a white person walking through Uganda automatically push my images further away
from a more true representation? 


In collaboration with John and Sophie Njendahayo, Moses Kasim, Akello Deborah, Miriam Lakot and Mulongo Kimera. 

Supported by The Cred Foundation.

Miriam Lakot taking pictures of her surroundings in Uganda.

Responding to this, in February I sent five cameras to Uganda, with some broad guidelines and questions, for some of my storytellers to use to express themselves. They were not influenced by being surrounded by white visitors, and the images I got back, I believe, are a more true Uganda.