Encouraging people to have a more active role in their health through a rebrand of the NHS

Exhibition design for Kingston University FADA department, to be used at UCAS fairs.

A project to raise awareness for Amnesty's Stop Torture campaign.

A campaign encouraging WWF members to become global activists.

A social project inviting Ugandans to represent themselves through the tool of photography.

Inviting the community to summarise Berrylands in the 7.5 seconds it takes for a train to pass through

Capturing the quiet resistance to change within Darwen Three-Day Market,

A short film aiming to show the game of Lawn Green Bowls in a different light.

Capturing the state of confusion in the Battersea community, as the largest development in Europe grows on their doorstep.

Encouraging teenagers and young adults to openly discuss sexual worries

Postcards designed to inform you about your own community.

A night-time tour of London, stopping off at key locations to play child-like games.

Promotional videos on location in Uganda for The Cred Foundation.

Challenging the ‘unlimited’ offers of food and drinks in restaurants.

Exhibition graphic design for Liverpool Football Club Museum.

Various web design projects, helping businesses and organisations connect with end users online.

Bringing the people of Darwen together to generate ideas about the future of the town's market.

A film capturing the struggles of living with hearing loss.